Website Design

We offer many quality services at Integrity Web Designs but our specialty is website design. Whether you need 1 page or 1,000, Integrity Web Designs has the experience, training, resources, and skills to create a quality site at a surprisingly competitive price.jimb
We have designed sites for some of our area's leading companies as well as smaller sites for local businesses, churches, and organizations. We are experienced in developing e-commerce sites as well as database-driven pages. We feel this unique, wide range of experience, better qualifies us to meet your specific needs.

Our design fees are based upon the amount of time it takes to build your site. This can depend on a number of things including the number of pages, the amount of photo optimization needed, site complexity, and any options selected. It is unfair to you to tell you that "X" number of pages is "X" amount of dollars because a page can vary from a few images and paragraphs of text to several images and several hundred words of text with numerous scripts and features.

We offer a free initial consultation to determine your internet needs. You can call us at 865-256-6937 or use the form located HERE to set up an appointment to help determine what you need and what investment will be required. All sites we design and host, receive 1/2 hour a month free updates.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve you.