About Us

Integrity was launched in January of 2000 as an answer to small businesses or organizations needing an internet presence but unable or unwilling to invest either major financial resources or large amounts of time to the web.

Our company has over 20 years experience in developing Internet web sites. We know what it takes to produce a hard hitting and effective web site. We also understand and appreciate that most businesses and organizations want to deal in an honest and up front manner. That's why we chose our name. We will conduct all business in a morally correct manner, choosing honesty and value over wealth at all cost, in other words, with integrity. That is why Integrity reserves the right to refuse designs for any business, group, or individual that we deem morally questionable.

This includes but is not limited to pornography sites, hate group sites, sites that instruct in the construction of illegal devices, and others. While we firmly believe in the 1st amendment rights, we also believe in our right to only do business with those of a like mind.

The Internet is dynamic, that is it is alive, always changing, growing, never staying the same. For that reason it is important to select a web design team that is committed to continually staying on the edge of the latest technologies. Here at Integrity we know that we can't simply rely on our present resources. That we have to always be training and learning about new techniques and technologies.

In a nutshell, that's our promise to you. To use our experience to make your site top notch. To conduct our business with you with integrity. And to constantly be training and learning about the latest Internet technologies.

Jim Neubert - Founder Integrity Web Designs