Site Hosting

Integrity Web Designs offers site hosting with more features than you could ever want at a price that will fit any budget.

All our plans offer the same great features. The only difference is the amount of storage space. You only pay for what you need.

You will have as many Pop-3 e-mail boxes as you need and unlimited aliases as well as autoresponders to give your visitors instant feed back on e-mails. You can set up spam controls and your own mailing lists!

Included is a web-based control panel for easy site management (Click on the screen shot to the right to see a bigger image). From your control panel you can manage passwords, manage your e-mail, work with files through your browser, work with network and database tools, check your server logs to see how many visitors you are getting and where they are coming from. In all, over 75 tools for working with your site.

In addition, you will have your own CGI bin and have access to a shared Secure Server. We also offer PHP5, MySQL, CGI, and SSI support.

Here is a sample of what we offer. But we can design a plan to fit your needs and your budget.

250MB $9.99
500MB $14.99
1GB $19.99
More storage is available at minimal costs - just let us know what you need!




 Please note: We only offer "Family-Friendly" hosting. We do not host adult-oriented web sites, or sites with hate speech content.



Enterprise-ready Technology


  • Latest Intel E5 Hex-core w/HT cpu's
  • Minimum of 12GB RAM
  • RAID 10 with Cache Card BBU
  • Pure Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Daily Integrated Backups





Need a domain name?
(You know, that dot com thing) We will register your domain name and handle all the paper work for only $14 a year.